Finding Perfect Sun Lounger Cushions

Comfort is the last thing you want to worry about when relaxing in the sun whether at the pool deck or even when enjoying family lunch outdoors. Unfortunately most of the garden furniture such as garden loungers are either made of wood, metal, or plastic material which are designed to be tough enough to withstand the outdoor weather. This material however makes them uncomfortable to lie on and enjoy the weather.

Many people find themselves sitting on a towel to cushion from the hard surface. This observation bore the creation of outdoor cushions which modifies your lounger to be the perfect way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are a number of other outdoor cushions available such as large beans bags designed to be used by themselves.

Sun lounger cushions are made from a mattress or padding which is covered by a tough fabric or a plastic material. There are many different types of outdoor sun lounger cushions.

Various aspects are considered before choosing the best sun lounger which include:

  • A colour that suits your own preferences or perhaps suits the colours in your garden or pool area
  • Thickness of the mattress for desired comfort, beware thicker cushions can spread depending on the quality of the stuffing and build
  • Outer material, designed for toughness and to withstand rain or hot sun
  • Design and size that suits the furniture, for example a folding sun lounger may require a different type of cushion and consider the length and width of your furniture

Top Sun Lounger Cushion Brands

When making the decision to buy a garden cushion, there is wide variety of choices from different designers which come in various designs and tastes. Below are the most popular sun lounger brands and examples of their products:

Sunbrella Fabric Outdoor Cushions

These cushions are made from the popular Sunbralla fabric which is resistant against moisture and mold. The cushion is filled with a highly densified fibre which keeps it shape for years and they come fitted with zips so they can be removed from the cover for easy cleaning.

Royal Garden Sun Lounger Cushion

This sleek cushion is made from tough acrylic fabric. The well designed elevated head rest provide maximum support for the head and neck. It comes in many different colours with the most popular being the striped design. The waterproof fabric make cleaning easier as the cushion can be wiped with a damp sponge.

Barlow Tyrie Deluxe Lounger Cushion

This is a very common outdoor cushion which comes in 14 available colours.barlow tyrie deluxe cushion It is made from a tough acrylic material which is designed to survive the harsh outdoor weather. The natural green colour is resistant to fading even after sunlight exposure. This cushion is very popular in camping.



Amalfi Sun Lounger Cushion

This is a replacement cushion at a very reasonable price. It is shower proof with an easy care wipe clean fabric.

Rattan Sun Lounger Cushion

This is a popular brad of cushions that are designed for Rattan sun lounger although they fit perfectly well on other types of sun loungers. It is made from a durable fabric which is soft on the skin and can endure against the versatile outdoor weather.

Alexander Rose Sunlounger Cushion

This cushion provides an essence of comfort and style. The cushion is made of a polyester material which is resistant to fading, shrinking and easier to wash.

The above cushion brands are available in many stores globally as well as online. Outdoor garden cushions are found in home furniture stores as well as garden centres. However for those who don’t have the time to visit a store can buy the cushion of choice from one of our partner websites. We offer advice on various brands.


sunloungers by pool

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Tips on Taking Care of Sun Lounger Cushions

A properly maintained cushion saves cost and also helps in creating a positive image to visitors. Manufactures instructions can direct on how to clean the cushion but generally they require just to be wiped down with slightly soapy water. Another option is to cover the lounger and cushion with a weatherproof cover. There are many designs of garden furniture covers which are inexpensive and ensure dust free lounger and colour uniformity regardless of the weather.